All Created In House

american production

All components are fabricated and assembled in our shop. We take great pride in our versatility and creativity. Finding solutions to any challenges within our network experienced professionals.

Jason Iwinski, the lead engineer has a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering and fabrication technologies and over 15 years of welding industry experience. Additionally, Jason has the artistic vision, craftsmanship and mechanical knowledge that sets MEMA apart from other ornamental ironworking companies. Jason has an amiable personality and goes out of his way to provide the extra touch to a customer’s project.

Co-owner Amanda Iwinski, who serves as Office Manager and Marketing Manager has a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in education.  She has over 15 years of business experience interfacing with clients and has strong communication and organizational skills.

Part time assistants/consultants. Katie Iwinski-Graphic Design, Adam Tuttle-Drafter, Terri Iwinski-Marketing, Jen Hagman-Marketing, David Iwinski Jr.- Business Consulting, The rest of the crew that helps out from time to time; Chuck Iwinski, Josh Iwinski, Eric Huston, Daniel Pochciol, Steven Stefanko and Gary Hitchins.

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