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As the leading custom metal art workshop in Western Pennsylvania, our skilled artisans work from creation toinstallation on distinctive metalwork specifically designed to meet the exact needs of each client.

From Start To Finish

  • Step 1

    Minds Eye Metal Art meets with each customer to discuss their project ideas and provides sketches of potential ideas. In some cases, the customer has a specific idea in mind and the sketches will be a way to transform his or her idea into a visual representation. In other instances, the customer will benefit from a variety of sketches to aid in project development. Once a general design is agreed upon, details can be outlined in order to calculate a rough estimate and production commences.

  • Step 2

    As jobs require, 3D renderings are developed to aid the customer in visualizing what their project will look like at completion. This service is offered on extensive projects and can be offered on smaller projects at the request of the customer.

  • Step 3

    Blueprints and technical drawings are created as project engineering requires or as requested by the customer.

  • Step 4

    Each project is created by using the latest fabrication technologies to ensure the highest integrity and durability of the ironwork.

  • Step 5

    All measures are taken to ensure project installation flows smoothly. Multiple visits to the site to guarantee safe and effective installation for each project.

Our Partners

Kingston Supply

Latrobe, PA

Kingston Supply has a large selection of natural stone, Keystone® & Unilock® products, gravel, heating stoves, and much more. Whether you're a pro, or a homeowner with a weekend fixer-upper project, we've got what you need to get that home or yard improvement job done right.

We've got examples of some of our products shown below, but we invite you to come see us, browse around, and see for yourself.

Laurel Valley Hardware

Stahlstown, PA

Laurel Valley Hardware has been serving the Stahlstown and Lignoier Area for over 50 years. We are your local hardware store and we stand high above our competition. Our quality products and outstanding customer service create a loyality that is unparallel.

Country Farms

Latrobe, PA

Country Farms, Inc. is a full-service landscaping contractor and garden center with two locations in Greensburg and Latrobe, PA. We serve the surrounding areas in Westmoreland County and can help rejuvenate the look of your backyard with beautiful plants and shrubs, paving stone walkways, or waterfalls and ponds.

Milkie’s Lawn and Landscape

Johnstown, PA

We pride ourselves on offering the most complete lawn care and landscape programs in the Johnstown and 5 county region. We also pride ourselves on being a complete property manager for those clients who prefer to deal with a “single”, top notch company like ours.

Our mission has always been to provide the best possible service, in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.


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Because of the unique challenges the climate in the northeast creates, we paint rather than powder coat. We have found through our years of experience that painting is a more reliable method of finishing.

Exterior railings are subject to abuse from everyday use and nicks and scratches are often inevitable. When a powder coated finish is damaged, moisture gets under the finish. This results in peeling and flaking of the finish. This occurs because there is no primer coat to attach the powder coating to the base metal. It is only a hard shell over the metal. If a properly painted surface is nicked, it only rusts the exposed metal, which can be sanded down and touched up. A properly painted product will stand the test of time much better than a powder coated product.

Typically, most of our work is in the greater Pittsburgh area; however we consider our coverage area to be about a 2 hour drive, or a 100 mile radius from the shop address. With today’s technology, electronic communications and digital pictures eliminate some of the questions and sometimes reduce the number of on-site visits necessary to complete a project. Most projects only involve 2 to 3 initial visits and the final visit for installation.

You might expect the finish to last approximately ten years, give or take, on an exterior project before you have to consider any significant touch up painting. The finish on interior projects may last significantly longer. Much of the sustainability of this finish is directly related to preparation of the base metal to accept paint, the quality of paint that is used and the environment the project will be exposed to.

It typically takes roughly six weeks to complete a standard project, but much depends on the size and scope of the project. Once an initial evaluation is completed, an estimated installation date is provided to the customer. We have had projects that go for years and projects that can be completed in a day.

Payment schedules are developed based upon the size and specific requirements of the project and take into consideration what work will work best for both parties. For smaller projects, we typically collect 50% down to cover material costs at the start of the job. The balance is then paid upon completion of the job. For larger jobs, we develop a Schedule of Values worksheet that highlights percentages and payment points throughout the job process.

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